What is Toddlewood TV?
Created by photographer and creator of Toddlewood, Tricia Messeroux, Toddlewood TV is designed to offer creative video content for the whole family.  Starting with the break-through web series (show name to be revealed at launch, February 2016)!  The world will be able to see the progression of this journey from the casting call backs to the behind the scenes of the series production and then the series itself along with all it’s bells and whistles.

Toddlewood is known for it’s photographic recreations of celebrities with toddlers.  Now, Toddlewood is taking things to the next level.  By looking for talented kids and making them stars!  It’s a #ToddlewoodTakeover



Casting Call BacksFORWEB


The Show Goes On…every year there’s is a new casting call cycle as new scripts will be developed.  So stay connected.TeamToddlewoodFORWEBc